Concept of the conference has originated at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and dates back to 2007 when the first conference was held. Other years followed: 2008 in Bratislava, 2009 in Ostrava, 2010 in Pilsen, 2011 in High Tatras, 2012 in Prague. Modest beginnings were succeeded by a successful development and ERIN became a prestigious conference aimed at PhD students and young researchers. In 2013, the conference was held in Bratislava again and was attended by approximately 130 participants from 9 countries. In 2014, the conference was organized by Brno University of Technology in Blansko, attended by about 110 participants from various countries and moving the level further ahead. In the folowing years  ERIN was organized in Moninec in 2015, in Low Tatras in 2016, in Usti nad Labem in 2017, in Casta-Papiernicka in 2018 and in  Blansko, 2019.

    ERIN has developed progressively and last couple years were attended by more than 120 participants every year from over 18 countries. Among conference participants, there were people from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Estonia, Belarus, Macedonia, Romania, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, and Iraq. For a photogallery from previous years, please visit the GALLERY.

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