Instruction for oral presentation

Authors of the papers will give their oral presentations, as stated in the conference programme.

Lecture: 12 min + 3 min discussion

We kindly ask the presenters to respect the assigned times. Total length of the presentations will be monitored and strictly adhered to.

All written text in the presentation must be in English.

Oral presentation may be given in English, Slovak or Czech language.

Please, save your presentation in .ppt, .pptx and/or .pdf format.

We kindly ask the presenters to upload their presentations during a break before their sessions start at latest, and use USB FLASH DISKS.
If your presentation includes a video, please make sure in advance that the video works.

Following items will be available in the lecture rooms:

  • video projector + presentation pointer
  • MS Windows
  • MS Office 2010 (MS Power Point 2010)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 9

Hotel Monínec, Monínec 7, Sedlec-Prčice